An Alternative Holiday – Enter A Banger Rally

People are always looking for new and exciting challenges these days. Life can be hard in difficult financial times and so the need to enjoy every minute of spare time is more important than ever.

So what’s the best way to enjoy yourself whilst doing something a bit different and exciting?

How about taking part in a “banger rally”?

Not sure what that is?

Basically it’s a 1200+ mile road trip that takes a few days to complete. You enter as a team (a minimum of two people) and buy an old car for under £300. Then you decorate your car any way you see fit, the crazier the better.

And then you meet up with 40 or 50 other like minded teams who have done the exact same thing! You spend the next four days travelling across the UK or Europe. The only thing you know at the start of a day is where the finish point will be. How you get there is upto you and your teams map reading capabilities!

To spice the rally up each team is handed an envelope at the starting point each day with fun and wacky challenges in. Teams are awarded points for how well they accomplish the challenges. On the final night of the rally a cash prize is paid to the team with the most points for the challenges.

It is not uncommon for prizes to be given to teams who have decorated their cars better than the others on a banger rally.

Although each banger rally is different, in terms of route, it’s fair to say most rallies will take you through mountainous regions to really challenge the capabilities of your sub £300 banger!

The Alps are a very popular part of a lot of banger rallies. Some of the better rallies incorporate the fearsome Stelvio Pass in the Alps. The Stelvio Pass is the second highest pass in The Alps at over 9000 feet! It was also voted the best driving road in Europe by Top Gear.

Most cars do make it to the end of a banger rally. Teams are encouraged to help other teams in need of assistance if they do break down and this does happen. So having no knowledge of fixing engines doesn’t really matter. Unless you have a major fault you’ll be surprised how well your banger will hold up.

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