Do You Think Your Wife is Cheating? 5 Things You Should Look For to Find Out the Truth!

Let’s face it, you’ve had that nagging feeling for awhile that your wife is cheating on you. She may be acting different, and you suspect she’s hiding something. Or maybe she’s acting a little too perfect and you’re beginning to think she’s acting that way out of guilt. If you’ve seen some strange behavior and are wondering if it means she’s cheating, here are 5 things you should look for before you confront her:

1. She has changed her appearance. Maybe she’s suddenly joined the gym and is losing weight fast. Or maybe she’s putting on makeup to go to the grocery store when she normally would go in sweatpants and a baseball cap. If she is dressing up more than usual and it’s leaving you wondering why, chances are she’s dressing up because she is seeing someone.

2. Your sex life has changed. Either she wants to have sex a lot more than she used to, or she wants to have sex a lot less than she used to – either way it could mean she is cheating. If she is approaching you for more sex, she could be feeling guilty. If she is shying away from sex it could mean she is getting it somewhere else.

3. She has changed her routine. If she normally wouldn’t go to pick up the kids from school but now she’s leaving two hours early, she might be meeting someone. If she is coming home late from work a lot more, or spending five hours at the grocery store, something is probably going on. Anything that seems unusual (and she seems to have the perfect excuse for) could mean she’s cheating.

4. She’s hiding the cell phone or deleting the caller ID. Even if you don’t catch her talking on the phone or texting someone, if you check the phone records and they have been deleted, she might be covering her tracks so you don’t see who she’s talking to.

5. Her friends aren’t coming around anymore. This could mean that they know she’s cheating. It could also mean that she is distancing herself from them too because she is spending more time with her lover. Either way, if her friends aren’t coming around like they used to, something has changed and you should be wondering why.                                

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