666 Is Trapped and There Is No Escape

Taken to the roots of religion to discover the progress and continued support for sun worship it was a journey through a sewer of make-believe. It followed my reincarnation and commissions to tear down the wall of churches and to take God off the cross. These were given to me, along with others, with enormous power that pinned me down and was confirmed by all that has followed.

Visions presented a far different picture to that which is generally accepted as correct. In one there was food cooked with human excreta and served onto a plate held out by the hungry. The bible opened at these words 4:10-13. In there I read how the Children of Israel will eat their defiled bread which is baked with dung that comes from man in their site among the gentiles wherever they are led.

In another vision a crowd of people on a hill-top peered towards a hole in a tall stone. They were dressed in white. As the sun rose behind it the rays of light divided into rings of brilliant color and they were overawed. Central to the image was the right-angled cross. It is the latter image that was used by 666 as his sign of conquest.

A vision then showed a line drawn out in front of me reaching into the distance. Suddenly an extremely bright light appeared from my position and rose in an arch over the line to the beginning of it. There was written in large capital letters EVE, in the middle was NOON and where I stood was EVENING.

The middle part was in almost complete darkness and above the people gathered there was the man on the cross. Isaiah 59:10 describes the scene. It states that the people grope for the wall at noon as in the night. They are blind, according to this, and in desolate places as dead men. The man on the cross is, of course, Jesus Christ and that was almost 2,000 years ago. That makes the day approximately 4,000 years long and we are at the end of it.

There is absolutely no physical evidence for this prophet and the Spirit led me to discover his origin when these words stood in the air before my face: CONSTANTINE IS 666.

This began years of research and gathering of evidence to prove that what this emperor did has brought chaos to the world. He established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD and he invented Jesus Christ. This is laid out in Revelation 13:13-18 where it states that he forced everyone to worship his model of a god or be killed. He then put Mari, the name for the sun-star shown in the second vision described above into it as Mary, the Mother of God.

The very title defies belief because how could God have a mother? The gods of Rome, however, had families including mothers, sons and daughters and the chief of them was Jupiter. The people were used to worshiping this entity so Constantine built the first Vatican over its temple. There is no [j] in Latin or Italian so the name was ‘i-pita’ which means ‘eye of pita’ or ‘eye of peter’. The new cathedral here was called St. Peters which is a play on ‘sun-pita’. ‘Sun’ is the same as ‘san’ and ‘the sun’s cross gave rise to ‘san-t’ and then ‘saint’.

Now we are at the end of day and chaos reigns as the world fails. Since the introduction of the so-called ‘Prince of Peace’ there has been wars, conflicts, discrimination, condemnation, crime, and diseases that have wiped out millions, often in horrible circumstances.

The disasters are increasing at a greater rate while the world tethers on the brink of global conflict as unrest takes over in many nations. Leaders are being deposed and the religions started by Constantine and his cohorts are also set to fight it out.

Jerome who followed him compiled the New Testament and translated the Septuagint from Greek. It was first written by seventy men (thus the name) under the orders of Alexander the Great. They took the works of ancient libraries, such as that of Ninevah, which contained stories like the great flood, and the prophecies that were given to the Children of Israel by the Spirit and incorporated them into it. The scribe notes in his letters and diaries how he added to it and changed parts of it to make it comply with his work.

Jerome was, like Constantine, an Amorite and they are the same people who built and resided in Babylon. They were vicious raiders who murdered and plundered their way through Assyria until they had a huge empire. Their next capital city was Mari, which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. When they invaded Italy they built Roma (reverse Amor) and they were now called Romans.

They stylised the sun-star into the form of a woman whom men decided they could marry (mary). This they did by dying on the cross at the dawn of equinox. This was when the ‘eye-star’ appeared in the aperture at the peak of the ziggurat. It gave rise to ‘easter’ and the crucifixion of god-men became so common a practice that no one could oppose it.

It was the return of the sun after winter and there was great celebration and in Rome women baked cakes with crosses and handed them out to passer-by’s in the streets. Constantine had the power to outlaw the ritual of crucifixion prior to establishing his church.

The religion of Babylon was and is Islam. It is ground into people from birth and they don’t suddenly abandon it. The parliament the emperor formed as the Vatican was a way of controlling the masses of the empire over which he had manipulated his way to sole control. The priests and bishops were all Islamic and examination of the attendees at the Council of Nicaea shows it.

The Catholic Church was given the same mass, festivals, costumes, instruments, calendar and laws by Jerome, who is titled the ‘doctor of the church’. His cohort was Augustine Bea, bishop of Hippo, who was later appointed by the Vatican to start another religion to credit this one. He found a man named Mohammed whom he trained as a prophet.


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