The True Origin of Christianity

It isn’t a secret as the evidence is everywhere. Christianity started with the Roman Catholic Church after Constantine established it in 325 AD. The trick as used many times by chiefs, kings, emperors, and others supposedly brought the god to earth to gain credibility and power. Prior to his murderous raids and seizing of the Roman Empire, this emperor was needful of such a positive stamp on his activities.

A look back into his history shows that Claudius Constantine was an Amorite by descent. His ancestors were the Amor who ran the Persian Empire and their original Capital was Babylon. Yes, he was Islamic by religion and birth.

The Amor occupied a large portion of the Mediterranean and built Roma (reverse Amor) as their new capital after Mary, the next capital created after Babylon was destroyed. The name Mary crops up many times in the progress of the Islamic religion and is a common name among its worshippers.

Linguistically the name is from ‘ma-r-I’ which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. That is the sun and the Islamic flag bears the ‘sun-star’ of five points cradled inside the crescent moon. The same 5-point star is an iconic symbol globally for the law, police, military, and other institutions. The number 5 is sacred in both Islam and Catholic worship.

Both religions pray 5 times a day and the commonalities between them is striking. Even the law, costumes, symbols, festivals, calendar, and instruments are similar because they came from the same source.

The bible supports this claim and calls Constantine the Second Beast with the number 666 to his name. A beast is a devourer and in this setting, he devours the ‘spirit’ connection between the real God, the Spirit of the Universe, and the spiritual people.

My reincarnation memory is very strong and explains why there is no heaven or hell, the two weapons of religion to force people to believe. They also represent the trap or prison from which it becomes impossible for many to break. Common sense will tell those who have a mind that no such places exist because they have no presence.

Religious teachers tell followers to have faith. My definition of that is ‘belief in the ridiculous without proof’. How can one believe in something they cannot see, hear, touch, or feel? That is why the Catholic religion produces statues and copies of artwork depicting what some have described as Mary and angels and so on.

The cover-up comes in the brain-washing of children and the constant bombardment by members of one’s community. If one fails to believe or accept the ‘norm’ than ostracism and loss of friends and family can result.

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