Deepwater Horizon Explosion

Fifty one days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion and we still do not know exactly what happened, who caused it, how bad it is, how and when it will be fixed, how much environmental damage has been done and how much and how long such damage will continue. We can speculate all we want, but these are unknowns at the moment. One thing we do know is that we are in this for the long-term. Decades past the Exxon Valdez debacle, Alaska is still suffering from the results. Plus Exxon as a corporation was relieved by our courts of much of the expense and responsibility for the disaster. As citizens we are concerned that there will be a haunting repetition of the Exxon Valdez incident as we have become increasingly aware that Deepwater Horizon is a far greater catastrophe. For all the environmental nay-sayers, quickstamp if they cannot see the truth of ecological disaster in this specific experience, they will never accept that the supposedly intelligent human race is responsible for and to this planet. What we do and what we do not do makes a difference to the survival of our world as well as our own collective and personal survival. “Drill baby drill” echoes in my head like a pronouncement of immanent doom. There are none so deaf than those who will not hear.

Instead of the harm being done to an inlet, the harm is currently being done to the entire Gulf of Mexico. In all probability the Gulf Stream will carry the mess around the tip of Florida and into the Atlantic Ocean. While the problem as a specific exists 41 miles off the coast of Louisiana, quickstamp the effect will travel the ocean currents for thousands of miles and can affect many states and possibly other countries. Have you forgotten the many countries that border on the Gulf of Mexico? To believe the negative affect on the Gulf eco-system is isolated remember that there are no fences or boundaries in this body of water. What affects one part of the Gulf will have a ricochet effect on the whole of the Gulf. Because of the enormity of this spill, this is a worldwide catastrophe, not a local one.

I am not understating or ignoring the enormous effect on Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. I am a Florida East Coast resident and I understand the potential effect on my state and that damage may not be isolated to the pristine beaches of northwest Florida’s Panhandle region. The Gulf Stream will take this ecological nightmare across the Florida Keys, which is to my mind one of nature’s most beautiful places, quickstamp and then up the east coast (where I live and love) of the United States as it travels the ocean currents. From there, many other countries can be affected and infected.

The obvious and visible ecological damage is just plain repulsive to watch. There is a less visible but more human effect about making a living, personal, family and societal survival, as well as the economics for each region and state. The destruction of a way of life is more abstract but just as repulsive. I cannot imagine what it might feel like to have my way of life destroyed, quickstamp perhaps beyond repair and the sense of helplessness that must permeate such an experience. Humans are creatures of habit and what has been known as a way of life for millions of people over generations of time no longer exists or is under onslaught. Again, I cannot imagine how beyond awful that must feel.

It is fairly easy to feel for those who are directly affected (as long as your heart is still operating), but you or I are not exempt from the potential of harm wherever we live. This catastrophe will directly affect the seabeds throughout the Gulf and the Atlantic and those are both major food supplies. This disaster has damaged and will continue to damage what is considered to be the source of life – our oceans – and the delicate eco-system that exists there. It might not be affecting you today but down the road we will all feel the impact both in terms of cost and availability of the resource called food. We may all get to go on an unintentional diet due to scarcity. I hope it will not be worse than that. Is there no respite or better solution? qqstamp

My particular expertise is astrology, so I set the wheel for the explosion itself to see what I could find. I also looked at the USA Declaration of Independence Virgo rising wheel (my choice for our country’s natal sky map) to see the direct effect on us as a country. Plus I set the wheel for the original corporation that has become today’s BP. To understand the background of the company I read the most amazing historical record of what we now know to be BP and determined it would take some sort of genius months to work through all that history one wheel at a time. I was hoping for a much quicker answer for this article so a deeper understanding must wait further research.


For astrologers and non-astrologers alike, this event is a conundrum, with multiple ways of viewing through the astrological porthole, just as we are physically viewing the ongoing disaster through multiple underwater cameras. Confusing, muddied, and diverse opinions, but let us see what we can determine written as simply and distinctly as possible…


  • We will look at Neptune for ocean and all liquids such as petroleum, and gas.
  • We will look at Pluto for that which is underground such as the oil storage beneath the water of the ocean, stored in vaults and caves deep within the earth, similar to mining. Pluto also has to do with catastrophes and incidents over which we have little control.
  • We will look at Uranus for earthquakes, explosions, and surprises, particularly that which results from cutting edge technology.
  • We will look at Saturn for responsibility, structure and organization. more info visit sites:


The BP wheel

BP (current name) as a corporation was originally born on April 14, 1909 in Westminster, England. As with most corporations birth time is difficult to determine so noon is used (the middle of the business day). The company was born in mid-Aries, with the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn all within about 8.5 degrees, a close, strong grouping (stellium) that over-emphasizes Aries. When positive Aries can be initiating, challenging, and assertive but also may be rash, aggressive and risk-taking on the negative side. These qualities are further emphasized by the square (challenge, problem, obstacle) of Uranus (inventive, innovative, exploratory, but also the wild card, pushing the envelope, unwilling to play by the rules). To muddy this picture, there is also a square (challenge, problem obstacle) to Neptune (inspiration, creativity, imagination but which can also cause illusion, delusion, and dishonesty). In particular the very tight square between Saturn and Neptune illustrates the conflict between the natural organized business function which can at moments be cold and calculating (Saturn), and the illusion, confusion and deception of a negative Neptune. This six-planet (out of a possible ten) T-square is a dominant, inherent quality within the originating company that periodically gets activated.

If you read their history as I did, you can see this conflict operating on a continual basis throughout the lifetime of the company. We want the dreamer, the imagination and the inspiration. We want the courageous challenger to forge new avenues of growth and experience. However, in order for that to be a positive experience this controlling major aspect cannot be allowed to interfere in the responsibility and the integrity of the company. From their history, such major events have happened repeatedly with amazing repercussions.

The BP wheel with the USA wheel

This BP (original) T-square aspect pattern fits right in with the USA wheel with direct connections from the BP Neptune to the USA self-identity and purpose (Sun), and it is in direct conflict with our concept of responsibility, professionalism, and structure in our money arena (house). When the numbers like this line up closely, they can be activated from time to time involving both entities, the country and the company, in major stress events. This is not the first time the USA has had conflict with the company known currently as BP. Sometimes the USA played the good guy, but many times we did not! This is a difficult pattern that plays out periodically with at times disastrous results.

Add the Explosion Wheel

The explosion wheel further connects the two wheels (original BP and USA) into a common event with worldwide effect through the nodal axis and through Mars, the planet of war and fire. We certainly saw that one occur with the out of control fire that raged 36 hours between the explosion and the sinking of the rig to the ocean floor. I wonder why the shutoff valve or the part of the rig under the waterline where the fire was raging was not accessed prior to the collapse of the rig itself? Perhaps the multiple robots were not in place or available at that time? Or were frightened, confused people not thinking properly?

Progressed USA wheel

I progressed (moved) the USA wheel to the day of the explosion and believe it or not, there is a saving grace in this particular picture. There is no way I would underestimate the impact on our country or on the ecological disaster in the Gulf, but the USA progressed Jupiter is helping to some degree. If BP keeps its word and pays for the costs incurred in this tragedy that could be the element of protection to our country and its economy. This is an ecological, societal and economic tragedy so we must look to whatever good we can muster. Interestingly enough it is transiting (current) Jupiter that seems to have been the trigger to the explosion itself. So we are seeing a good side of Jupiter on the one hand and the triggering of the explosion on the other hand. Makes me sound like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth at the same time, but these are the measurements. Both are operating. Which one will dominate?


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